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Famous Modern Masters of Karate Do

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Modern Masters of Karate Do

Grandmaster Frankie "Dr. Speed" Mitchell

GrandMaster Frankie Mitchell

Introduce to karate in late 1969 by his uncle Master Richard Brooks, Kyoshi Frankie Mitchell (a student of Grandmaster John Roseberry and former student of Grand Master Frank Van Lenten and Peter Musacchio of the internationlly reknown Central New York Family Fitness Karate school in Syracuse NY.) is the main Co-founder of Hatha Goju Ryu Karate.  He has been listed in many leading martial magazine such as Official karate, inside karate and seveal others.  Kyoshi Mitchell is Co-author of the book Karate Power and was famous for his skills in kata and kumite in many leading national and state karate championships. In 2005 Master Frankie Mitchell was elivated to the rank of Kudan (9th degree black belt) under Grandmaster Aaron Banks in The World Martial Arts Ogranization in the style of American Japanese Goju Ryu & American Okinawan Hatha Goju Ryu Karate Do (Co-founded by Chief Instructor Master Frankie Mitchell).    Just recently (January 2006) Great Grandmaster Aaron Banks listed Grandmaster Frankie Mitchell in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  The event included many of the world best martial artists.

Master Richard Brooks

A probation officer by trade and Co-Founder of the Syracuse Spinning Cobras Karate Association,  Master Richard E. Brooks is renown for his skills in realistic street self-defense.  He was published in the book Modern Masters of Karate, and he is a well known veteran in the Martial Arts.  Currently, Richard Brooks Sensei holds the rank of Rokudan (6th degree black belt) under Grandmaster John Roseberry (of the Sho-Rei-ShoBu-Kan International Organization).

 Other Senseis:


Oliver Cole Sensei

Jerone Maynor Sensei

Highlights of The World Professional Martial Arts Ceramony

Grandmaster Frankie Mitchell & Great Grandmaster Aaron Banks At the World Professional Martial Arts Organization Hall Of Fame Awards Ceremony (listed above).  


In January 2006 Grandmaster Frankie Mitchell, Great Grandmaster John Roseberry, and several other leading martial artists was inducted into the World Professional Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  Listed below are a few pictures of the World Professional Martial Arts Hall of Fame Ceramony at the Madison Square Garden in NYC.  The event included many of the world best martial artists such as, Great Grandmaster Aaron Banks, Grandmaster Ronald Duncan, Grandmaster Ron Van Clief, Grandmaster Doctor Ernest Hyman, Leon Swain Sensei of Maryland, and many, many, others.  Here are some highlights.



Grandmaster Frankie Mitchell & The legendary "Black Dragon" Grandmaster Ron Van Clief at the World Professional Martial Arts Organization Hall Of Fame Awards Ceremony    

Grandmaster Ronald Duncan and Grandmaster Dr. Christain Harfouche- the chief editor of Budo magazine with members of the Northeast Sho-Rei Sho-bu-kan

Master Richard Brooks, Master Marvin "The Cobra" Gunn,  Grandmaster Frankie "Dr. Speed" Mitchell and Friend at the awards Banquet