Syracuse Spinning Cobras Karate Do History

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History of the Syracuse Spinning Cobras

The Syracuse Spinning Cobras was founded by Master Frankie Mitchell, Master Oliver Cole, and Master Richard Brooks in Syracuse, NY in the late 1970's.

The Syracuse Spinning Cobras Karate Team was one of the first karate tournament and demo teams to set the stage of combining martial arts and the performing arts together. This karate team brought a new form (a new style), to sport karate in karate tournaments and in karate demonstrations. 

The Syracuse Spinning Cobras Karate Team, well known as the East Coast Demo Team, was one of the best demo teams in the Central, New York area.  They combine movie like karate fighting together with gymnastics, kobujitsu, and modern dancing. The Team was so popular that they even performed at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, and even starred in a motion part movie. 

A book called "Karate Power" written by George R. Parulski and Frankie Mitchell even featured the Syracuse Spinning Cobras Karate Team.  Many of the members of the Syracuse Spinning Cobras Karate Team became well-respected martial arts competitors and teachers in their own rights.  Today the team has disbanded, however the memory lives on.